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Animation Magazine
Online magazine covering the business, technology and art of animation; find news and events, tech reviews and industry directory.
http://www.animationmagazine.net/ | [Animation Magazine Details]

Animation World Network
Animation related publishing group providing animator profiles, independent film distribution, commercial studio activities, licensing, CGI and other animation technologies and in-depth coverage of current events in all fields of animation.
http://www.awn.com/ | [Animation World Network Details]

DreamWorks Animation SKG
A US animation studio which produces high-quality family entertainment feature films through the use of computer-generated (CG) animation; find information about the studio, investor relations and movies produced.
http://www.dreamworksanimation.com/ | [DreamWorks Animation SKG Details]

Pixar Animation Studios
Award winning studio develops, produces and distributes computer animated feature films, short films, merchandise and related products.
http://www.pixar.com/ | [Pixar Animation Studios Details]