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Apple Computer, Inc.
Manufactures and distributes business and personal Mac notebook and desktop computers, software, Xserve servers, iPod media players and accessories.
http://www.apple.com/ | [Apple Computer, Inc. Details]

Leading computer systems manufacturer providing sales, service and support for home and business needs including desk top computers, notebooks, servers, storage, networking, printing and related accessories.
http://www.dell.com/ | [Dell Details]

Manufacturers and distibutes low priced personal desktop computers and monitors in North America, Japan and the UK.
http://www.e4me.com/ | [eMachines Details]

Manufactures notebook, tablet and desktop computers; servers, printers, software and accessories including docking stations, cables and adapters.
http://www.fujitsupc.com/ | [Fujitsu Details]

Manufactures and distributes home, office, and enterprise computer systems, servers, networking, printing and storage products and services.
http://www.hp.com/ | [HP.com Details]

International Business Machines (IBM) develops, manufactures and disributes computer systems, software, microelectronics, business servers, storage, workstations and printing systems.
http://www.ibm.com/ | [IBM.com Details]

One Laptop Per Child
The OLPC is a non-profit organization with the goal of developing and providing inexpensive laptop computers to children in economically challenged countries to provide them with the opportunity to explore, experiment and express themselves.
http://www.laptop.org/ | [One Laptop Per Child Details]

Manufactures computer systems and digital products, consumer electronics, broadcasting and video systems for personal, business and industrial applications.
http://www.toshiba.com/ | [Toshiba Details]

Provides out-of-band, remote management solutions with products that combine localized control and survivable connectivity of a console server with an enterprise software solution.
http://www.uplogix.com/ | [Uplogix Details]