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Electronic Frontier Foundation
The EFF is a nonprofit group comprised of lawyers, policy analysts, activists, technologists and volunteers working to protect consumers and the public's digital rights.

Electronic Privacy Coalition Center
A research center established to focus public attention on civil liberties issues, privacy protection and the First Amendment; publishes the EPIC Alert, an email and online newsletter about civil liberties.

An organization promoting online privacy through the establishment of best practice and policy; provides privacy certification for web sites.
http://www.etrust.org/ | [eTrust Details]

Online Privacy Alliance
A coalition of associations and global companies promoting actions that create an environment of trust and the protection of an individuals privacy online.
http://www.privacyalliance.org/ | [Online Privacy Alliance Details]

Certifies and monitors web site privacy and email policies and practices, resolves consumer privacy complaints and provides privacy resources for consumers and businesses.
http://www.truste.org/ | [TRUSTe Details]