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Alexa Toolbar
Search results provided by Windows Live, provides related links and traffic rankings for visited web sites.
http://download.alexa.com/ | [Alexa Toolbar Details]

Ask.com Toolbar
Search the web for news, images, weather, dictionary, stocks and your desktop.
http://dl.ask.com/toolbar/download.html | [Ask.com Toolbar Details]

Google Toolbar
Search Google's index of web sites, news and images; fill out web forms, block pop-ups and translate web pages.
http://toolbar.google.com/ | [Google Toolbar Details]

Created by the Mozilla community for Netscape 7, Mozilla and Firefox; emulates the basic search functionality of the Google toolbar.
http://googlebar.mozdev.org/ | [Googlebar Details]

Yahoo! Toolbar
Search Yahoo's index, check your email and access Yahoo! Messenger, features tabbed browsing.
http://companion.yahoo.com/ | [Yahoo! Toolbar Details]