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Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
Federal agency promoting the preservation, enhancement, and productive use of United States historic resources; advises the President and Congress on national historic preservation policy.

American Association of Museums
Organization representing museums and individuals provides members leadership and developmental services; facilitates the exchange of materials between member institutions, offers confidential assessments and online resources.
http://www.aam-us.org/ | [American Association of Museums Details]

Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums
Assists museum educators, curators, researchers, administrators and other members with historic site administration, collection preservation and historical interpretation.

Conservation and Art Materials Encyclopedia Online
Online encyclopedia of terms, materials, and techniques used in the fields of art conservation and historic preservation. Contains chemical, visual and analytical information of historic and contemporary materials used in the conservation of artistic and historic artifacts.

Conservation OnLine
Resources for professionals engaged in the conservation of library, archives and museum materials.
http://cool.conservation-us.org/ | [Conservation OnLine Details]

Getty Conservation Institute
Serves the conservation community through scientific research, educational programs, training, documentation and the dissemination of information through publications, workshops and conferences.
http://www.getty.edu/conservation/ | [Getty Conservation Institute Details]

Institute of Conservation
Organization promoting the conservation of cultural heritage in the UK; provides guidance, advocacy, training and educational opportunities for professional conservators.
http://www.icon.org.uk/ | [Institute of Conservation Details]

International Council of Museums
International membership organization of museums and museum professionals offering regional, national and international workshops, publications, training and programs. Promotes museums, the preservation of natural and cultural heritage, and combats the illicit trade of cultural property.

International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works
An international organization advancing the knowledge, methods and standards for the conservation of historic and artistic works; find international conservation news, events and publications.

National Center for Preservation Technology and Training
Provides preservation professionals with training, education and research in the fields of archeology, architecture, landscape architecture and materials conservation.

Northeast Document Conservation Center
Works to improve the conservation efforts of museums, libraries, archives and historical organizations; provides services to institutions without in house facilities, provides leadership in the field of conservation and preservation.

Society of American Archivists
National archival professional association; provides members with education and information regarding the collection, identification, preservation and use of records of historical value.
http://www.archivists.org/ | [Society of American Archivists Details]