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American Association of Variable Star Observers
Worldwide organization of amateur and professional astronomers interested in variable stars; find information about stars that change in brightness,

American Astronomical Society
Organization of North American professional astronomers promoting the advancement of astronomy and related branches of science; offers career services and resources, publishes journals and bulletins.

Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy
Consortium of universities and institutions operating astronomical observatories and centers in an effort to promote excellence in astronomical research; provides astronomy information and resources.

Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Organization promoting the appreciation and understanding of astronomy; provides educational products, resources and newsletters for educators, amateur and professional astronomers and the general public.
http://www.astrosociety.org/ | [Astronomical Society of the Pacific Details]

British Astronomical Association
Promotes the general interest in observational astronomy and the association of beginning and advanced observers; publishes bi-monthly journal and recognizes those with significant contributions to astronomy.
http://www.britastro.org/baa/ | [British Astronomical Association Details]

European Astronomical Society
Association contributing to the advancement of astronomy in Europe; explore publications, newsletters and astronomy resources.
http://eas.unige.ch/ | [European Astronomical Society Details]

International Astronomical Union
Promotes and safeguards the science of astronomy through international cooperation; organizes and sponsors scientific meetings, international symposia, and educational activities in astronomy.

Royal Astronomical Society
Professional organization for astronomy and astrophysics, solar-terrestrial physics and planetary sciences in the UK; awards grants and prizes, maintains RAS Library and archives, and supports educational activities.
http://www.ras.org.uk/ | [Royal Astronomical Society Details]