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American Dental Association
A professional organization of member dentists committed to the professional advancement of public oral health; find resources for consumers, students, teachers and dental professionals.
http://www.ada.org/ | [American Dental Association Details]

American Dental Hygienists Association
National organization representing registered dental hygienists (RDH) in the United States; promotes standards in oral hygiene and the benefits of prevention and the art and science of dental hygiene.

British Dental Association
The BDA is a professional association and trade union for dentists practicing in the UK; provides members with legal, health and safety, and educational advice.
http://www.bda.org/ | [British Dental Association Details]

Oral Health America
An independent non-profit organization supported through contributions from individuals; advocates educational and service programs to raise awareness and improve the oral health of Americans.
http://www.oralhealthamerica.org/ | [Oral Health America Details]

Simple Steps To Better Dental Health
Dental information site developed by Aetna Inc. provides information about prevention, conditions and treatments for better oral health; includes parents guide, interactive tools, games and activities for kids.
http://www.simplestepsdental.com/ | [Simple Steps To Better Dental Health Details]