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Administration on Aging
Offers an overview of topics, programs and services available for the elderly, caregivers, community service providers, researchers or students.
http://www.aoa.gov/ | [Administration on Aging Details]

Alliance for Aging Research
A citizens advocacy organization for improving the health and independence of aging Americans and promoting medical research of the aging process.
http://www.agingresearch.org/ | [Alliance for Aging Research Details]

American Society on Aging
An association of researchers, practitioners, educators, business people and policymakers concerned with the physical, emotional, social, economic and spiritual aspects of aging.
http://www.asaging.org/ | [American Society on Aging Details]

National Academy on an Aging Society
Conducts research on issues related to population aging and provides information to the public, the press, policymakers, and the academic community.
http://www.agingsociety.org/ | [National Academy on an Aging Society Details]

National Council on Aging
The NCOA is a non-profit organization and network assisting older people with remaining healthy and independent, increasing access to benefits programs and enhancing their ability to live in communities with dignity.
http://www.ncoa.org/ | [National Council on Aging Details]

Retirement Research Foundation
A foundation supporting efforts that enable independent living, improve the quality of care in nursing homes, promote community involvement of older adults and increase the understanding of the aging process.

Sage Crossroads
An online forum for issues of human aging; covers the ethical, political, economic, and societal implications of medical interventions and longevity science.
http://www.sagecrossroads.net/ | [Sage Crossroads Details]