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Conservation International
Non-profit organization working to raise awareness of a conservation ethic and protecting Earth's living heritage; learn about hotspots around the world, priority areas and ongoing campaigns.
http://www.conservation.org/ | [Conservation International Details]

Fauna & Flora International
International conservation organization promoting conservation practices worldwide to protect threatened species and ecosystems.
http://www.fauna-flora.org/ | [Fauna & Flora International Details]

International Union for Conservation of Nature
Finding solutions to pressing global environmental conservation challenges through the support of research, field projects and policy development; learn about species, ecosystems and issues of importance and find conservation resources.

Nature Conservancy
Conservation organization working to protect and preserve plants, animals and ecosystems around the world; learn how and where the Nature Conservancy works, find conservation resources and information about becoming a member or volunteer.
http://www.nature.org/ | [Nature Conservancy Details]

Conservation data centers and natural heritage programs collect, analyze and distribute scientific information about plants, animals and ecosystems in the western hemisphere for conservation, natural resource management and land use planning.
http://www.natureserve.org/ | [NatureServe Details]

The Conservation Fund
Environmental organization assisting its partners to achieve conservation goals through land acquisition, leadership training, education and sustainable programs.
http://www.conservationfund.org/ | [The Conservation Fund Details]

Wildlife Conservation Society
Operates urban wildlife parks in the state of New York and works to protect wildlife and wild landscapes around the world; learn about global conservation efforts and priority species, international educational programs and projects.

World Wildlife Fund
Multinational conservation organization with a global membership working to conserve and protect natural habitats and wild populations of plants and animals around the world, including endangered species.
http://www.worldwildlife.org/ | [World Wildlife Fund Details]