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Powerboat magazine features tests and reviews of watercraft, towing vehicles and new equipment and accessories; find articles for anglers, maintenance and repair, instructional videos and calendar of events.
http://www.boatingmag.com/ | [Boating Details]

Boating World.com
Online companion for Boating World magazine offers readers power boat reviews and buying guides, destination and activity ideas, how to tips and maintenance articles and advice.
http://www.boatingworld.com/ | [Boating World.com Details]

Feature articles, sport boats, distance cruisers and motor yacht test drives, electronics reviews and maintenance tips for boat owners.
http://www.motorboating.com/ | [MotorBoating Details]

Powerboat Magazine
Performance boating magazine offers readers boat test, performance trials, articles, news and motorsports event coverage.
http://www.powerboatmag.com/ | [Powerboat Magazine Details]