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American Bird Conservancy
Non-profit organization working to conserve native wild birds and restoring habitats throughout the Americas; find information about issues and programs, bird conservation efforts, news and reports.
http://www.abcbirds.org/ | [American Bird Conservancy Details]

American Birding Association
Organization helping enthusiasts increase their knowledge, skills and enjoyment of birding by providing a variety of resources, publications, workshops and events. Find listings for ABA area clubs, workshop schedule and events for young birders.
http://www.americanbirding.org/ | [American Birding Association Details]

Birding in India
Birds and bird watching in India; classification and ornithology, discussion forum, information on getting started, choosing a bird guide and selecting binoculars.
http://www.birding.in/ | [Birding in India Details]

Online resource for recreational and professional birders provides guides to bird watching, identification, fact sheets, species and ornithology; learn how to attract birds, find checklists and tips for selecting equipment.
http://www.birding.com/ | [Birding.com Details]

Interactive online resource managed by the National Audubon Society and the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology promoting conservation and environmental learning; birding enthusiasts can contribute data to help scientists define bird ranges, migratory pathways and population.
http://www.birdsource.org/ | [BirdSource Details]

Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology
Conducts research in biological diversity and conservation, with a primary focus on birds. Find information about birds and the basics of birding, nest cams, sound and video archives, award winning publications, gear guide, advice on attracting birds and conservation practices.
http://www.birds.cornell.edu/ | [Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology Details]

Real time, online checklist program where recreational and professional bird watchers can report and access information about birds; maintain personal bird records or view results, interactive maps, graphs and bar charts.
http://ebird.org/ | [eBird Details]

National Audubon Society
Working to conserve and restore natural ecosystems with a focus on birds through a national network of local chapters and nature centers, educational programs and advocacy. Find local chapters and information about activities and programs, bird resources and issues.
http://www.audubon.org/ | [National Audubon Society Details]

Patuxent Wildlife Research Center Bird Programs
International research institute provides resources and references including the Bird ID InfoCenter, population studies, breeding surveys, identification tools and tips, historical data and oversees the North American Bird Banding Program.