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Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary
Wildlife sanctuary dedicated to the protection and conservation of native and exotic animals; information about educational programs, rescued animals and conservation projects provided.
http://www.heritageparkzoo.org/ | [Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary Details]

Phoenix Zoo
Features themed exhibits showcasing native wildlife from different areas of the world; learn about animals exhibited, conservation efforts, events, educational programs and zoo history.
http://www.phoenixzoo.org/ | [Phoenix Zoo Details]

Reid Park Zoo
African, Asian, and South American habitats house a variety of animals including elephants, rhinos, polar bears, lions, giraffe, tigers and zebra; also features a full flight aviary, behind the scenes tours and special events.
http://www.tucsonzoo.org/ | [Reid Park Zoo Details]

Wildlife World Zoo
Features a collection of exotic animals and endangered species; educates visitors about the importance of wildlife conservation, provides information about daily activities, attractions and educational programs.
http://www.wildlifeworld.com/ | [Wildlife World Zoo Details]