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Connecticut Department of Public Health
Protecting and improving the health and wellness of the residents of Connecticut and works to prevent disease, injury and disability; defines programs and services, and public health regulations.

Connecticut Health Foundation
Independent grant making foundation focusing on reducing ethnic health care disparities, improving access to mental health services and oral health care for children; learn about current initiatives and the organizations that have received grants.
http://www.cthealth.org/ | [Connecticut Health Foundation Details]

Connecticut Health Policy Project
Education and research organization improving access to affordable health care services for the residents of Connecticut; offers consumers health policy information, publications and fact sheets.
http://www.cthealthpolicy.org/ | [Connecticut Health Policy Project Details]

Connecticut Holistic Health Association
Promoting holistic health services and practitioners; locate a practitioner by modality, find information about workshops, meetings and membership.

Connecticut Office of Rural Health
Coordinates resources promoting regional and statewide rural health and local, state and federal partnerships; identifies rural towns and communities, provides rural health report and program announcements.
http://www.ruralhealthct.org/ | [Connecticut Office of Rural Health Details]

Health insurance plans for uninsured children and teenagers covering office visits, prescriptions, dental and vision care; find information about eligibility, publications and enrollment forms.
http://www.huskyhealth.com/ | [HUSKY Details]

Office of Health Care Access
Agency responsible for ensuring access to quality health care services; advises policy makers in the executive and legislative branches on health care issues, and overseeing health care system development.
http://www.ct.gov/ohca/site/default.asp | [Office of Health Care Access Details]