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Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo
Learn about the animals exhibited, including behavior, natural diet and habitat; find information about exhibits, educational programs and rides.
http://www.kidszoo.org/ | [Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo Details]

Indianapolis Zoo
Explore themed biomes representing natural habitats and interactive exhibits; discover a variety of special events and educational, environmental and conservation programs.
http://www.indianapoliszoo.com/ | [Indianapolis Zoo Details]

Potawatomi Zoo
Find zoo news and events, hours of operation and information about exhibits featuring mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates; learn how to become a member, make a donation or volunteer.
http://www.potawatomizoo.org/ | [Potawatomi Zoo Details]

Washington Park Zoo
Biopark features animals exhibited in natural habitats, mixed species exhibits and environmental enrichment that encourages natural behaviors; zoo facts, events, outreach programs and zoo camp information provided.
http://www.washingtonparkzoo.com/ | [Washington Park Zoo Details]