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A statewide electronic health information exchange system for physicians and providers to share information designed to improve patient care.
http://www.hinfonet.org/ | [HealthInfoNet Details]

Maine Center for Public Health
A public health institute working to improve the health of the residents of Maine through knowledge, advancing public health practices, and health policy initiatives.

Maine Department of Health and Human Services
Administers public health programs and services for the residents of the state of Maine; find information about programs and services for families, adults, children and seniors, long term care, health insurance and crisis numbers.

Maine Health Access Foundation
Promotes affordable access to comprehensive, quality health care in an effort to improve the health of the residents of the state of Maine; provides grants and program funding targeting the uninsured and medically underserved.
http://www.mehaf.org/ | [Maine Health Access Foundation Details]

Maine Health Care Association
A statewide association promoting quality health care, housing and services designed to meet the needs of Maine's senior and disabled populations.
http://www.mehca.org/ | [Maine Health Care Association Details]

Maine Health Forum
Online resource from Franklin Community Health Network provides current local and national health news, events, programs and consumer health information.
http://www.mainehealthforum.org/ | [Maine Health Forum Details]

Maine Health Information Center
Independent organization founded to aggregate, validate, analyze and distribute healthcare data to the state's health care community.

Maine Migrant Health Program
Provides primary and preventative health and dental care services to migrant and seasonal farmworkers of Maine.
http://www.mainemigrant.org/ | [Maine Migrant Health Program Details]

Maine Rural Health Association
Addresses the health care concerns of rural citizens and works to improve access to health care for residents in rural areas throughout Maine.
http://www.maineruralhealth.org/ | [Maine Rural Health Association Details]