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Buttonwood Park Zoo
Zoological park focusing on native wildlife exhibited in natural habitats; find information about the various amphibians, birds, fish, reptiles and mammals found in Massachusetts.
http://www.bpzoo.org/ | [Buttonwood Park Zoo Details]

Capron Park Zoo
Naturalized exhibits, educational programs, events and animal conservation encourages ecological awareness and wildlife appreciation; discover information about animals exhibited, scheduled events and educational programs offered.
http://www.capronparkzoo.com/ | [Capron Park Zoo Details]

Lupa Zoo
Featured exhibits include a family farm allowing kids to get up close and personal with domestic animals; provides information about private events, admission and hours.
http://lupazoo.org/ | [Lupa Zoo Details]

New England Aquarium
Features interactive programs, live animal exhibits, public lectures, forums, research and conservation projects that promote and protect the oceans; find information about exhibits and animal profiles, educational resources and activities for teachers, parents, kids and adults.
http://www.neaq.org/ | [New England Aquarium Details]

Zoo New England
Operates the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, founded in 1913 and the Stone Zoo in Stoneham, founded in 1905; find information about each zoo, their educational programs, exhibits, special events and conservation efforts.
http://www.zoonewengland.org/ | [Zoo New England Details]