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Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art
Showcases the work produced at the Roswell Artist-in-Residence program and features collections of photographs, paintings, prints, drawings and sculpture.
http://roswellamoca.org/ | [Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art Details]

Georgia O'Keeffe Museum
Celebrates the life and art of Georgia O'Keeffe and American Modernism; collections including abstracts, cityscapes, and landscape forms of northern New Mexico are exhibited throughout the year.
http://www.okeeffemuseum.org/ | [Georgia O'Keeffe Museum Details]

Harwood Museum of Art
Collects and exhibits historic and contemporary art and culture of the Taos region; the Taos Society of Artists galleries feature works by prominent local artists.
http://harwoodmuseum.org/ | [Harwood Museum of Art Details]

Museum of Indian Arts & Culture
Features Native American art and material culture from prehistoric through contemporary times representing the Apache, Navajo, Pueblo and other Southwest indigenous cultures.
http://www.indianartsandculture.org/ | [Museum of Indian Arts & Culture Details]

Museum of International Folk Art
Features an eclectic collection of international folk art including popular art, toys and textiles; calendar of events details upcoming exhibitions.

National Museum of Nuclear Science and History
Congressionally chartered museum of nuclear science and history, presents exhibits and educational programs showcasing individuals and events that shaped the history of the nuclear age.

New Mexico Museum of Art
Fine arts museum with an emphasis on New Mexico art features paintings, sculpture and furniture from the 20th century and contemporary art.
http://www.mfasantafe.org/ | [New Mexico Museum of Art Details]

New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science
Natural history and science museum exhibits features New Mexico paleontology; explore time line from the Paleozoic era through modern day or learn how fossils are collected.

New Mexico Museum of Space History
Collects, preserves and displays artifacts related to the history of space including early rocket experiments and a mock up of the International Space Station; recognizes the achievements of the men and women who have made significant contributions to the exploration of space.
http://www.nmspacemuseum.org/ | [New Mexico Museum of Space History Details]

Taos Art Museum
Permanent collections includes works of art by a variety of Taos artists including the founders of the Taos Society of Artists and members of the Taos Moderns.
http://www.taosartmuseum.org/ | [Taos Art Museum Details]