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Health Action New Mexico
Advocacy organization working for accessible, affordable, and accountable health care for all people living in New Mexico; provides health action news and alerts, advocacy training schedule, newsletters and upcoming events.
http://www.healthactionnm.org/ | [Health Action New Mexico Details]

New Mexico Department of Health
State department promoting health and health policies, preventing disease and disability; endeavors to improve health services systems and the availability of essential public health services.
http://www.health.state.nm.us/ | [New Mexico Department of Health Details]

New Mexico Health Care Association
Statewide professional trade association for facility based long term care providers; offers information for consumers to assist them in choosing a long term care facility and an overview of services offered by different types of facilities.

New Mexico Public Health Association
A statewide organization of public health professionals and advocates promoting public health practice, policies and systems supporting health equity for those living in New Mexico.