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Atlantis Marine World
Marine life exhibits, aquatic adventures and educational programs emphasize the importance of marine life and environmental preservation; provides an overview of indoor and outdoor exhibits, aquarium and field research projects, education programs and kids zone.
http://www.atlantismarineworld.com/ | [Atlantis Marine World Details]

Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park
Learn about the animals exhibited, special events, activities and educational programs offered at the Binghamton Zoo; become a member, adopt an animal or volunteer.
http://www.rossparkzoo.com/ | [Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park Details]

Bronx Zoo
Park lands and naturalistic habitats house a large variety of animals including endangered and threatened species; browse photo and video archives, podcasts, zoo and animal news, and conservation tips.
http://www.bronxzoo.com/ | [Bronx Zoo Details]

Buffalo Zoo
Exhibits feature animals and vegetation in ecological habitats and geographical arrangements representing biomes around the world; find information about the animals, special events, educational programs, zoo news and history.
http://www.buffalozoo.org/ | [Buffalo Zoo Details]

Central Park Zoo
Features exhibits that involve, educate and connects visitors to the natural world; explore animals in the children's zoo or learn about conservation in the wildlife theater.
http://www.centralparkzoo.com/ | [Central Park Zoo Details]

New York Aquarium
Exhibits, presentations and educational programs focus on conservation and protection of marine and freshwater ecosystems and aquatic wildlife; find information about current exhibits, demonstrations and feedings, upcoming public events and education department programming.
http://nyaquarium.com/ | [New York Aquarium Details]

Prospect Park Zoo
Naturalistic habitat exhibits engage and educate visitors about wildlife and conservation; offers a variety of educational programs and classes for school groups and the public.
http://www.prospectparkzoo.com/ | [Prospect Park Zoo Details]

Queens Zoo
Pathways guide visitors through wild habitats featuring animals in naturalistic settings; discover native American species and exotic animals from South America.
http://www.queenszoo.com/ | [Queens Zoo Details]

Seneca Park Zoo
Amphibians, birds, fish, invertebrates, mammals and reptiles are exhibited in naturalistic settings; provides information to plan your visit, zoo news and educational programs that encourage environmental stewardship.
http://www.senecaparkzoo.org/ | [Seneca Park Zoo Details]

Staten Island Zoo
Zoological garden features small mammals, birds, amphibians, tropical fish and an extensive collection of reptiles; discover a variety of special events, excursions and educational programs offered.
http://www.statenislandzoo.org/ | [Staten Island Zoo Details]