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Inclusive Health
Program provides affordable, individual health insurance coverage for those without an employer health plan who face higher premiums due to pre-existing medical conditions; learn about eligibility, benefits and premiums.
http://www.nchirp.org/ | [Inclusive Health Details]

NC Health Info
An online guide featuring quality health and medical information and local health services throughout North Carolina; maintained by North Carolina librarians.
http://www.nchealthinfo.org/ | [NC Health Info Details]

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services
State agency responsible for the health and well being of the residents of the state of North Carolina; provides health services for the mentally ill, deaf, blind and developmentally disabled.

North Carolina Public Health
Provides a range of public health programs and services in North Carolina; provides information about various related state agencies and public health highlights.
http://www.ncpublichealth.com/ | [North Carolina Public Health Details]