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Comprehensive Health Association of North Dakota
A program to provide health care coverage to residents who are in a high risk health category and denied health insurance, or offered restricted coverage due to pre-existing health problems.

Family Voices of North Dakota Health
A grassroots network advocating for commu7nity based. family centered health care services for children with special health care needs.

North Dakota Department of Health
State department safeguarding the health and well being of the residents of the state of North Dakota; list information about health services, emergency preparedness, community and environmental health.
http://www.ndhealth.gov/ | [North Dakota Department of Health Details]

North Dakota Health Alert Network
Provides current information about health emergencies and alerts; become informed about emerging health issues, emergency preparation and safety.

Ohio Public Health Association
Statewide organization representing public health disciplines; promotes personal, community and environmental health.
http://www.ohiopha.org/ | [Ohio Public Health Association Details]