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Ohio Department of Health
State department oversees public health programs and services for the residents of the state of Ohio; find public health information and resources for emergency preparedness, environmental health, diseases and conditions, vital statistics, online services, health care providers, licensing and registrations.
http://www.odh.ohio.gov/ | [Ohio Department of Health Details]

Health Policy Institute of Ohio
Independent statewide center forecasts health trends and analyzes health issues, communicates research to policymakers and state agencies.
http://www.healthpolicyohio.org/ | [Health Policy Institute of Ohio Details]

Ohio Association of Community Health Centers
Professional trade association representing Ohio's federally qualified community health centers; works to ensure access to high quality and affordable health care for all residents.

Ohio Department of Mental Health
State department endeavors to assure access to mental health care services for state residents at all levels of need and life stages; provides treatment in state hospitals and promotes the rights of mental health patients.
http://www.mh.state.oh.us/ | [Ohio Department of Mental Health Details]

Ohio Health Care Association
Organization representing assisted living communities, intermediate care facilities and nursing facilities and long term care professionals.
http://www.ohca.org/ | [Ohio Health Care Association Details]

Ohio Health Freedom Coalition
Organization advocates for the changes to Ohio law to allow for increased access to alternative and complimentary health care options and natural health services.
http://www.ohiohealthfreedom.org/ | [Ohio Health Freedom Coalition Details]

Universal Health Care Action Network of Ohio
Organization strives to reshape the health care system in an effort to provide high quality, accessible and affordable health care for all of the residents of the state of Ohio.