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Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum
Displays a collection of historic, military and civilian aircraft from various eras, some restored to flying condition; overnight and summer camps and customized group tours available.
http://www.sprucegoose.org/ | [Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum Details]

Hallie Ford Museum of Art
Supports the liberal arts curriculum of Willamette University; features a significant collection of European, Asian, Native American, historic and contemporary regional art.
http://www.willamette.edu/museum_of_art/ | [Hallie Ford Museum of Art Details]

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art
Collection galleries feature American, European, Korean, Japanese and Chinese art; special exhibitions, educational programs, workshops, studio classes, family days and lectures offered.
http://uoma.uoregon.edu/ | [Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art Details]

Museum of Natural and Cultural History
Features significant collections of Native American cultural and archaeological artifacts including textiles, musical instruments, basketry and weapons; other collections represent cultures from southeast Asia, the Philippines, Oceania and Africa.
http://natural-history.uoregon.edu/ | [Museum of Natural and Cultural History Details]

Oregon Museum of Science & Industry
Exhibit halls and science labs offer brain powered fun through interactive exhibits, hands-on demonstrations; also features an OMNIMAX theater and planetarium.

Portland Art Museum
Houses permanent collections of European and American painting and sculpture, Native American art, contemporary art, sculpture, prints, drawings and photographs. Offers studio art classes for children and adults, guided tours for school groups and online teaching materials.
http://portlandartmuseum.org/ | [Portland Art Museum Details]

Science Factory Children's Museum and Planetarium
Engages, excites, and inspires children with hands on science and technology exhibits, planetarium and educational programs.

Sumpter Municipal Museum
Collects, catalogs, preserves and exhibits historically significant artifacts and natural history information about Sumpter Valley.
http://www.sumptermuseum.org/ | [Sumpter Municipal Museum Details]