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Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary
Private zoo and animal sanctuary assists exotic and domestic animals in need through rescue and rehabilitation; find information about the zoo, special events and supporters.
http://www.austinzoo.org/ | [Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary Details]

Caldwell Zoo
View exotic and endangered animal collections from Africa and the Americas, find information about educational programs and experiences for children, guest services, new animal arrivals and zoo news.
http://www.caldwellzoo.org/ | [Caldwell Zoo Details]

Cameron Park Zoo
Natural habitat displays feature native and exotic animals from Africa, Asia, Madagascar, North America and South America; provides guided tours, educational classes, animal presentations and special events.
http://www.cameronparkzoo.com/ | [Cameron Park Zoo Details]

Children's Aquarium at Fair Park
Home to various marine and freshwater fish, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates including unusual aquatic animals such as poisonous stonefish, anglerfish and sea horses; conservation programs include captive breeding of endangered Texas species.
http://www.childrensaquariumfairpark.com/ | [Children's Aquarium at Fair Park Details]

Dallas World Aquarium
Features various saltwater tanks with coral reef ecosystems and marine life including octopuses, sharks and sea horses; other exhibits feature animals, plants, birds and reptiles from South America.
http://www.dwazoo.com/ | [Dallas World Aquarium Details]

Dallas Zoo
Exhibits feature simulated natural habitats for animals; children's zoo features interactive experiences, pony rides and discovery zone. Find information about animals, special events, educational programs and guest services.
http://www.dallaszoo.com/ | [Dallas Zoo Details]

El Paso Zoo
Natural exhibits and biomes feature animals from the Americas, Africa and Asia including endangered and threatened species; provides visitor information, directions, calendar of daily events and animal encounters.
http://www.elpasozoo.org/ | [El Paso Zoo Details]

Fort Worth Zoo
Animal collections feature various amphibians, birds, fish, invertebrates, mammals and reptiles in themed exhibits; learn about educational classes, camps and outreach, conservation efforts and species survival plan.
http://www.fortworthzoo.com/ | [Fort Worth Zoo Details]

Gladys Porter Zoo
Zoological and botanical park features various plants and animals exhibited in zoological areas representing Africa, Asia, Tropical America and Indo-Australia; learn about conservation efforts, educational programs and membership.
http://www.gpz.org/ | [Gladys Porter Zoo Details]

Houston Zoo
Experience animals up close in natural encounters exhibits including native, exotic and endangered species from around the world; learn about local and worldwide conservation missions, daily events and employment opportunities.
http://www.houstonzoo.org/ | [Houston Zoo Details]

San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium
Educational and recreational experiences foster an appreciation and understanding of the natural world; interpretive guides and discovery stations in themed exhibits enrich visitors experience.
http://www.sazoo-aq.org/ | [San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium Details]

Texas State Aquarium
Interactive and hands on exhibits engage, inspire and promote environmental conservation and wildlife rehabilitation; information about group visits, daily activities, admission, maps and directions provided.
http://www.texasstateaquarium.org/ | [Texas State Aquarium Details]