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Glossary of Web Directory Terminology

Explore a compilation of frequently used terms and acronyms associated with general and topic specific web directories on the Internet.

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Active - The status of a listing or category included in the database when it is visible or active within the directory.

Admin - Administrator; the person or persons responsible for the operation and maintenance of the directory.

Admin Panel - The back-end interface used to update and maintain the directory categories, listings and features.

AdSense - Contextual, revenue sharing advertising program from Google for site owners to display advertising on their sites.

Adult - Category of adult oriented listings for mature audiences.

Affiliate Program - A reseller pay for performance program offering compensation for the referral of customers to a merchants web site.

Affiliate Sites - A web site designed to earn commissioned income through the redirection of visitors to another site through affiliate links.

Ajax - Asynchronous JavaScript and XML; used to create interactive applications; typically used for category selection drop down menus on web directory submission forms.

Aggregator - A website that gathers or aggregates content from multiple sources for display on its own site, usually through the use of automated software.

Alexa Rank - Part of Alexa Internet's site information compiled from users of the Alexa Toolbar to gauge a web site's traffic.

Anchor Text - Refers to the text used in a hyperlink pointing to a web site.

Annual Listing - A term limited listing lasting for the duration of one calendar year subject to review and possibly a recurring fee prior to renewal.

Auto Approved - Directory listings which appear live immediately upon submission and not subject to prior review.

Automated Submission - The use of software to expedite the submission process to web directories.

Backup - A separate copy of the directory database used to recover the directory in case of hardware or other failures.

Bid Directory - Web directory where the amount paid determines the prominence of the listing within the category with the highest bidders featured on the main page.

Bidding - Increasing the amount paid to a Bid Directory to gain better placement in a category or on the home page.

Blog - A periodically updated journal on the web; short for web log.

Bookmarks - A web browser feature allowing users to store links to frequently visited or favorite web sites.

BOTW - Best of the Web; a popular fee based web directory.

Broken Link - A link which leads to a 404 error page or generates another type of error.

Browse - The casual or random exploration of web sites or pages; the method used to navigate a directory.

Browser - A program which allows users to navigate the Internet, view web pages or retrieve information. Popular web browsers include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.

Bulk Submission -The submission of multiple web sites by a single person or entity; usually submitted via a text or XML file and added by the editorial staff.

Cache - A stored copy of previously accessed web documents usually presented by a search engine in case the original page is unavailable.

Captcha - A challenge response test on the submission form used to verify that the response is not auto generated; may be numeric or alphabetic code.

Categorization - The grouping or dividing of listings into separate classes or categories based on subject.

Category - Holds collections of listings and categories grouped by topical similarity.

Category Count - Shows the number of subcategories and listings for each category; usually displayed next to the category name in parentheses.

Category Description - Provides information about the topic and purpose of the category.

Category Dump - A pre-made category structure database in the form of a text file used to create a category database.

Category Structure - A hierarchical structure grouping topics based on similarities.

Commercial - Engaged in commerce or commercial enterprise for the purpose of monetary gain.

Content - The subject matter or information contained within a website.

Copyright - The exclusive right given to the author of an original work; includes the right to publish and distribute the work.

Database - A collection of information (data) which is arranged in individual records and is retrievable.

Database Backup - Result of the process of copying a database to protect against loss in case of system, program or hardware failure.

Deeplink - A directory listing featuring an individual page or sub-section from within a web site.

Description - The content describing what a listed resource is about and/or its main features.

Details Page - A separate page featuring a single listing from a directory category; information provided may vary from one directory to another.

Directory List - A list of web directories; may or may not have a sort order.

Discount Code - A code provided which when used provides for a discount over the published fee/price of submission. Generally time sensitive.

DMOZ - Acronym for Directory Mozilla now known as the Open Directory Project; the largest volunteer edited web directory.

Doorway Page - A page designed to rank high in the search engine results that leads visitors to another site or page; a "doorway" to another site or page.

Duplicate Content - Content that can also be found on other domains.

Edit - Act of adding, modifying, deleting or updating directory categories and listings.

Editor - A person who performs the duties associated with the growth and maintenance of a web directory.

Editorial Addition - A listing added to the directory by an editor rather than through the submission from a third party.

Editorial Integrity - The act of applying the same set of principles and standards on a consistent basis.

Email Confirmation - An email message sent to the submitted email address to confirm the validity of such address in an effort to reduce the amount of spam and automated submissions. Unconfirmed submissions are generally deleted.

Empty Category - A category devoid of content or listings.

Empty Category - A category devoid of content or listings.

eSyndiCat - Fee based PHP based web directory script/software from Intelliants, LLC.

Express Inclusion - A submission option providing an expedited review of a submitted resource within a shorter period of time than normal submissions; usually associated with a fee.

Family Friendly - A directory containing listings suitable for visitors and users of all ages; does not contain content intended for mature audiences.

Featured Listing - A listing within a directory that is usually placed above the standard listings or in a prominent location; generally requires a higher fee than that of standard listings.

Fee Based - A directory whose submissions are subject to a fee for review or inclusion.

Framed Redirect - A page which displays one site's URL in the address bar, but displays the content of another site within a frame and without the visitors' knowledge.

Free for All - A site where anyone can submit any link without review or intervention.

Free Listing - A directory listing offered without any form of payment or other consideration from the submitter.

Guidelines - Document outlining the policy and criteria regarding the submission, acceptance and continued inclusion of a listing within the directory.

Heading - Category headings provide information about the category and usually include the category name, breadcrumb trail and category description.

Hijacked Domain - A domain which has expired and been re-registered by someone other than the previous owner to take advantage of the existing PageRank, inbound links and/or traffic.

Hyperlink - HTML code redirecting visitors from one web page to another web page when clicked on.

Inactive - The status of a listing or category when it is included in the database but not visible or active within the directory.

Index - Refers to a directory's database of categories and listings.

IndexScript - Web directory software from IndexScript; free and unbranded versions offered..

Info VileSilencer - Directory list, directory owner's resources and discussion forum.

JavaScript Link - A link which is scripted and not usually indexed, followed or counted by the search engines.

Keyword - Primary words or phrases related to the content of the resource.

Keyword Stuffing - The over repetition of specific targeted words in listing titles and descriptions.

Lead Generators - Web sites whose primary purpose is to collect a visitor's information (leads) to be provided to a third party for servicing rather than providing the service or sale directly.

License - The agreement by which an owner of intellectual property permits and governs the use, performance, and/or sale of the intellectual property by another party.

Link - See Hyperlink.

Link Farm - A directory which accepts any and all submissions regardless of relevance to the category submitted, titles or descriptions.

Link Juice - The amount of PageRank, anchor text and authority conferred to a document when hyperlinked.

Link Rot - The degradation of links within the directory as sites become unavailable over time and lead to 404, or page not found errors.

Listing - The combined title, link and description of a website placed within a category.

MFA - Made for AdSense; generally a web site design primarily to earn revenue from advertising featuring advertising over content.

Mirror Site - A site whose content is also featured on another web site usually owned and operated by the same entity.

Misplaced Submission - A submission made to an unrelated or incorrect category that should be moved.

Mod - A modification to the base script to provide additional features or functionality.

Multiple Submissions - Submitting a site to more than one category; permitted by some directories but generally disallowed.

MySQL - An open source relational database platform/management system.

Niche Directory - A directory with a focus on a specific topic or subject.

NoFollow - A HTML attribute added to a hyperlink which instructs search engines to not follow or pass any link juice (PageRank, anchor text or authority) to the targeted URL.

Nonprofit - A corporation or association chartered for other than profit making activities.

Nonrefundable - A fee which is not subject to refund should a submission be rejected or declined for any reason; normally associated with the review of the submitted resource.

Ontology - The study of the categories of things that exist or may exist.

Open Directory Project - The largest volunteer edited web directory; also known as DMOZ.

Open Directory RDF Dump - A downloadable copy of the Open Directory Project database for use by third parties.

PageRank - Google's measure of the relative importance of a document or web page based on the importance of its inbound links.

Parent Category - A top level or primary category.

Parked Page - A temporary page or placeholder for future content usually featuring nothing more than affiliate advertising.

PDF - Portable Document Format; a file form standard for electronic documents created by Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Pending - The status of a submission prior to review and disposition by an editor or admin.

Permanent Listing - A listing added to a directory without limitations on the length of the time a listing will appear in the directory.

Personal Page - A web page created by or for an individual as opposed to that of a business, organization or institution.

PHP Link Directory Script - Free and paid PHP based web directory script from NetCreated.

Placement - The categorization and addition of a listing within the directory.

Privacy Policy - Document disclosing the ways a party gathers, uses and manages a customer's data.

Quality - An adjective used to describe the degree of excellence or superiority of a directory.

Quick Buck Crew - Someone who starts a web directory for the primary purpose of cashing in on the frenzy and potential income with no intent to operate or maintain the directory once the initial interest and/or submissions subsides.

Reciprocal Listing - A listing provided in exchange for a reciprocated link back to the directory or to that of a third party site.

Recurring Fee - A fee which must be paid on a regular basis, usually annually, as a condition of inclusion within a directory.

Redirect - A setting which redirects users from one site or URL to another; may be for legitimate reasons.

Redirected Link - A scripted or other indirect link which is usually not indexable by the search engines.

Regional Category - Features listings related to their geographical location and subject.

Registered User - A person who has registered and created an account in accordance with specified terms and conditions. Some directories require that users are registered prior to submitting a site.

Rejection - The refusal to accept a submitted resource usually for non-compliance with the published guidelines.

Relevance - The extent to which the content matches the topic or subject.

Renewal Date - The date on which a listing needs to be renewed in order to maintain an active status within the directory

Re-purposed Domain - A domain whose content has been deleted and new content uploaded.

Review - The evaluation or examination of a resource by an editor to determine its suitability and placement within a directory.

Root Category - A primary or top level category with links to sub-categories or topics; usually containing few listings.

RSS - Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary; a commonly used protocol for syndication and sharing of content originally created for the syndication of news articles.

SBD Directory Software - Free PHP based web directory software/script.

Search Engine Friendly - A directory which does not restrict a search engine's access or indexability of their content and provides a direct link to the listed web sites.

Seeding - Refers to the act of adding listings to pre-populate categories.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization; the practice of optimizing web pages to attain the highest possible ranking in the search engines.

Sitemap - Protocol allowing webmasters to inform search engines about the URLs available for indexing within a web site.

Sorting Options - An option to control how the category listings are displayed; popular options include popularity, PageRank or alphabetical.

Spam Filter - Automatically processes and separates or deletes unwanted submissions based on predefined criteria.

Splog - Spam Blog; usually contains little if any quality content, generally used to build links to other sites.

Sponsored Listing - An advertising option allowing a listing to appear at the top of a category for a defined period of time. Also known as category sponsorship.

Standard Listing - A listing within a directory that is given no special consideration and placed amongst other listings within a category.

Statistics - Provides detailed information regarding the use of the directory including unique visitors, visits, duration, tracking or other data related to the use of the directory,

Status - Generally refers to the condition or state of categories and listings; pending, active or inactive. Also a sorting option for categories and listings in the admin interface.

Subcategory - A child or lower level category belonging to that of the main or primary topic.

Subcategory Preview - The number of subcategories listed or shown on the main page for each primary or top level category.

Submission Confirmation - A confirmation message sent to the submitter confirming the submission and outlining the submitted details.

Submission Fee - A fee associated with the submission of a web site to a directory. The fee may be for either the review and consideration of a submission or the guaranteed inclusion of a submitted resource.

Submission Form - A form consisting of varying fields where a submitter can provide information related to their site for review or inclusion within a directory. Also provides information about varied submission options and possible fees.

Submission Service - A third party who performs the task of web directory submission; usually touted as manual but usually accomplished through automated means.

SymLink - A link from within a category that points to related topics or categories within the directory that may be useful for its users when navigating the directory.

Taxonomy - The practice and science of classification.

Template - Files which control the layout and visual style of a web directory.

Thumbnail Image - A reduced size image or snapshot of a listed resource usually included to provide a preview of the listed web site.

Title - The general or descriptive heading for a listing; usually the official name of the company or web site.

TLD - Top Level Domain; the right hand portion of a complete domain name, common TLDs are .com, .net. and .org.

Topical Category - Categories sorted based on topic or subject rather than locality.

TOS - Terms of Service; covers a range of issues including the rules setting out the basic rights and responsibilities of the company and their customers, or the acceptable user behavior.

URL - Uniform Resource Locator; the web address of a document on the Internet.

Vanity Domain - A secondary web site usually marketed for its keyword rich domain name.

Volunteer Edited - A directory edited and maintained by a volunteer staff of editors.

W3 - An abbreviation for World Wide Web.

Web Page - A single document (page) from within a web site.

Website - A collection of web pages or documents, images and other multimedia located under a single domain.

World Category - Categories of regional or geographical listings in languages other than English.

WWW - World Wide Web; referred to as the collection of interlinked resources featuring text, images, videos, and other multimedia on the Internet accessible via a web browser.

XML - Extensible Markup Language; file/document format used for sharing of structured data; commonly used to create a sitemap for a web site.

Yahoo! Directory - The first large scale directory of the Internet features listings ordered by popularity; offers standard and express (paid) submission options.

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