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Submission Guidelines

Thank you for suggesting your site to eWebPages Web Directory. We take pride in providing our visitors with a selective web catalog featuring quality Internet resources, and we want to ensure that their experience is a pleasant one.

We ask that you review these guidelines prior to suggesting your site to eWebPages Web Directory. All web site submissions are manually reviewed, and suggestions that do not comply with the guidelines are not accepted. Payment of the annual review fee does not obligate eWebPages Web Directory to list your site or guarantee inclusion within the directory.

General Guidelines
* We reserve the right to add, modify, re-classify, move or delete any listing without notice.
* Absolutely no listing will be accepted that is deemed unsuitable by our editorial staff.
* Submitting multiple sites with similar or identical content will result in the removal of all sites.
* URLs redirecting to another domain are not accepted.
* Listings which redirect to another domain after acceptance will be removed.
* Inactive sites or those under construction are not accepted.
* Sites utilizing excessive pop-up or pop-under advertising may not be accepted.
* Sites consisting primarily of affiliate links or advertisements are not accepted.
* Sites offering little or no original content are not accepted.
* Sites designed to drive traffic to another domain are not accepted.
* Sites hosted on free servers may not be accepted, subject to editorial discretion.
* Sites with explicit adult/mature content, or those that link to explicit adult content may not be accepted.
* Please submit to a single subcategory, based on relevance. Multiple submissions are not accepted.
* Vanity domains are not accepted.
* Individual pages from Social Media, Networking and Video Sharing sites will not be accepted.
* Repurposed domains are not accepted.
* Sites must be in the English language.
* eCommerce sites should include customer service and contact information (physical address).
* Adult, pharmacy, gambling related, MLM, lead generators, sexual organ enhancement, article mills and affiliate driven sites are not accepted.
* Once published, listings are not eligible for a refund, but will be permanently removed upon a verified request of the site owner.

Charitable Organizations and Government Agencies
* Registered charitable organizations and government agencies are generally accepted free.
* Accredited postsecondary educational institutions may also be accepted free.
* Please send listing information via email to editor[at]ewebpages.org for review.
* Please contact us directly editor[at]ewebpages.org for more information if needed.

* Titles are limited to 50 characters including spaces.
* Titles should be 3-5 words.
* Sites are listed by the organization, company or site name.
* Unnecessary promotional keywords will be edited from your submission prior to acceptance in the directory.

Suggested Descriptions
* Please limit descriptions to 300 characters or less.
* Descriptions should be in the form of complete sentences.
* Please do not capitalize the first letter of each word.
* Cut and pasted descriptions are not accepted and will be rewritten.
* Descriptions should offer visitors information about your site and its content.
* Descriptions consisting primarily of a list of keywords will cause a submission to be rejected.
* Please reserve the keyword stuffing for your meta-tags or hidden text.

Thank you for taking the time to review our submission guidelines prior to submitting a site for review.

These guidelines last updated on August 13, 2010.